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Interleaver module

Distributeur d'intercalaires Proconcept

Proconcept has designed the interleaver module to allow industrials of smoked salmon to put interleaves (which are a real bonus for consumers and frequently asked by them) without the prohibitive cost of the usual manual distribution.

Interleaver module main functionalities

    • Cutting and distribution of inserts at 200 pcs/min.
    • Programming the cutting length of the inserts.
    • Programming of the position of the insert in relation to the edge.
    • Programming, for each slice, of the distribution of the inserts according to its destination.

Technical features

Construction : stainless steel
Weight : 300 Kg
Dimensions : L 1300 x l 1057 x h 1620 mm
Power supply : 3 x 400 V – 50 Hz – Neutral – Ground
Power : 3,5 kW
Control circuit : 24 V CC
Air pressure equipment : maximun air pressure 6 bars


Instant capacity : up to 200 interleaves/min
Material of the film : Polypropylene micro perforated or not
Thickness : Max=120µ -Min=80µ
Width : Max=120 mm – Min=80 mm
Diameter of the roll : Max=400 mm
Internal diameter of the core : 76 mm
Length of cutting : Max=120 mm – Min=60 mm

The interleaver module can work with Polypropylene films, either microperforated or not, with a thickness from 50 to 120 µ. Width can vary from 80 to 120 mm. The maximum diameter of the roll is 400 mm. The internal diameter of the cardboard core has to be 76 mmm. Other types of film can possibly be tested;

The Interleaver module can be used separately for manual conditioning but it can also be integrated in a complete line, just before the DDV 400 batching module.

Regarding the DDV module configuration and the industrial’s preference two models of interleaver are possible: right version or left version (see technical specifications beside)

The programming of the interleaver module is coordinated with the batching module DDV 400 (concerned stations, …). Setting of interleaver parameters (length of cutting, positioning, …) and running control are centralized on a user friendly pivoting touch screen. The state of running of the equipment can easily be checked with an illuminated column.

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