TCM 300 and TCM 300A salmon slicers

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PROCONCEPT designed the slicer  TCM 300 for companies which realize manual packing and are looking for a good quality of slicing and  very high performances.

 The main qualities of the TCM 300 slicer: :

  • High quality of slice presentation,
  • Increased slicing capacity: 300 cycles/min
  • Controlled food hygiène and safetty,
  • Very low losses
  • Very low running and maintenance costs.


On the TCM 300, the angle and the thickness of cutting are manually adjusted by 2 control knobs. Angle and thickness can be adjusted without stopping the cutting.

On the TCM 300 A version, it is possible to control automatically the variation of the angles of cutting. The user friendly touchscreen inserted on this version, allows very easily the creation, the modification and the execution of slicing programs.

The design and the speed of TCM 300 allow to reach, in real condition, very high productivities (higher than 500kg/h under some conditions of production), without degrading neither the quality of the slices nore the yields.

Proconcept proposes complete lines : slicer, packing stations and conveyors.

Thickness plate for Proconcept smoked salmon slicer Proconcept smoked salmon slicer maintenance
A cutting with simple blade by back-and-forth motion for a high degree of accuracy of the slicing. A great robustness for an easy and cheap maintenance.
Feeding device of a Proconcept TCM300 smoked salmon slicer Proconcept smoked salmon slicer: a great quality of slicing
The same quality of design as the TN 200. A great quality of cut for right or left fillets.
Proconcept smoked salmon slicer: every parts of the slicing device is easy to open for cleaning Proconcept smoked salmon slicer TCM 300: thickness and angle are drived manually
A direct access with all the parts in contact with the product for a great facility of cleaning. On the TCM 300, the adjustment of the angles and the thicknesses is fully manual.
The touch screen of Proconcept TCM300A salmon slicer  The slicer TCM300 or TCM 300A can be integrated in a manual packing line for smoked salmon
On the TCM 300 A version, the control of the angles is carried out automatically with a user friendly touchscreen control panel. The control of the thicknesses remains manual.  TCM 300 or TCM 300A salmon slicers  can work alone or integrated in a manual packing line. Proconcept can propose you its standard solution or a solution specifically adapted to your need.